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LPS Defence is the SWISS leader in real time process management, single-sign on, mobile real time alarming system, telemedicine and much more.

We get you to the next level of health and social care needs.

Sustainable spatial development in health and social care needs in real time is our mission. Collaborative, innovative thinking is the key for us to support all regions – even remote one in the Alps.

This is the reason why our system is not limited to a clinic, to a medical home care or to a nursing home or to a doctor. Our solution is modular and we bring it up in different brands:


Our HEALTHCAREwireless and SENIORwireless real time systems are integrated into society’s basic care needs and therefore you can use it standalone as clinic, medical home care or nursing home but you can also profit from the possiblitiy of real time integration and exchange between health and social care systems by using official platforms like those for the E-dossier in Switzerland.

In Scandinavia the whole system with all modules and integrations is implemented. There the system is made by our partner IMATIS and SONITOR.
In Switzerland and France, we are currently working with nursing homes, medical home care and clinics.

Substainable spatial developments means also thinking of health of personal ressources and of nature.

Therefore, our real-time location system is linked to the nature. We use WiFi for data sending, but the real-time location is based on ultrasonic. The same idea like bats getting information about their environment. Ultrasonic has no electronic smog and is therefore very helpful in natural regions and in conclusion for a better health for your employees and patients. In cities and non-sensitive natural areas, we use also Bluetooth. In contrast to DECT telephony, « Loop RFID » or « old RFID technics » the BAG (Swiss federal ministry for health care) says that Bluetooth has no negative influence on human’s health.

In the picture below, you can see the interaction of our system. The modules from the clinic are some examples. You can use them also in medical home care, doctors and nursing homes. Our nursing homes are fully real time process oriented, especially in mobile alarming in case of anti-wandering, nurse calls and technical reasons as well as IP telephony with Smartphones as mobile device. In medical home care, we use Telemedicine as well as Telehealth.


Real Time Process is a benefit for any person using it. CEOs can see a direct success of optimising processes. You want to know what medical staff and nurses saying about our system?

Just watch the videos below.

For more information, please contact us: contact@lps-defence.com or push the « get in touch » button at end of the page

Realisation by our partner SONITOR at NCH: Watch out the meaning of the nurses and other medical staff (Real Time Process Management as help for staff and patients)

Realisation for COPD patients at Trondheim Municipally, St. Olav’s Hospital by our partner IMATIS (Telemedcine, Telehealth)

Realisation by our partner IMATIS: Telehealth

Realisation by our partner IMATIS: Que Management and Outpatient Management

Realisation by our partner IMATIS: 3D Visual Health at any device

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